Real-Time Engine Simulation and Control

Fully exploit virtual controller design using Enginuity and the Mathworks platform. Enginuity is a powerful engine plant model tool package that supports most varieties of production engine applications (port-fuel injected, direct injected, gasoline, diesel, turbocharged, etc.). The package is specifically tailored to the needs of control system development and hardware-in-the-loop validation.

Accelerate your engine control development using Enginuty for most of the control feature design and validation tasks. Design and validate your controls interactively using highly accurate Enginuity engine plant models. Enginuity models support engine control and diagnostics feature development at any level of complexity.

Enginuity plant models are profoundly physics based and emulate the engine behavior on a cylinder-by-cylinder basis. Unlike most mean value models, Enginuty models respond to engine controls under any operating condition very much like a real engine.

Our customers value Enginuity models as a cost effective solution for many of their engine control development tasks. Enginuity helps them to significantly shorten the engine control development cycle and to alleviate the need for expensive experimental test infrastructure.

  • Combustion models for PFI/CFI, CIDI (DI Diesel), SIDI (Gasoline DI), and HCCI engine application
  • Reusable Simulink library blocks
  • Tool-supported, automated model tuning
  • Tracking of 12 gas species (including post-flame reaction kinetics for extended Zeldovich mechanism)
  • Crank-angle based cylinder-by-cylinder cycle calculation (including engine firing-order)
  • High degree of accuracy over entire operating envelope
  • Longitudinal vehicle model to emulate dyno testing


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