SimuQuest take pride in our ability to understand our customers’ goals no matter what their background.  As a result, SimuQuest has successfully deployed solutions in a wide range of environments:


Clean Energy and Power Generation

With efficiency standards becoming more demanding and the need for portable and reliable energy becoming more urgent, SimuQuest has enabled companies to focus on the right problems rather than managing software and drivers for their controls.


SimuQuest has a great deal of expertise and experience in the automotive industry.  With customers like Ford, GM, Toyota, and a host of tier one suppliers, SimuQuest has become a leading supplier of model-based tools and expertise in applications spanning powertrain, chassis, and body controls. 


Motor and generator control has been one of the most diverse areas of controls research in recent years.  SimuQuest has enabled rapid development of high-quality control algorithms through their innovative approach to model-based system design.


With the need to get it right the first time and every time, software-development for defense applications must be rigorous and mistake-proof.  SimuQuest has proven successful in several military deployments of products using our tools.