Meet Our New Director of Sales: Raphael Juarez

photoWe’re excited to introduce our latest addition to the SimuQuest team. Raphael Juarez joined us in January as our new Director of Sales to lead the sales organization at SimuQuest.

Why Are We So Excited About Raphael?

Raphael earned a degree at Michigan State University in Supply Chain Management. He worked in the automotive industry for 17 years before branching out into simulation software and IT services. His extensive background in the automotive world (and outside of it) gives him a unique ability to understand our customers, while also spotting valuable opportunities they might not see.

Raphael brings a commitment to helping clients identify the core problems that impact their businesses. “My professional life is focused on having real conversations with my customers to determine if and how we can help them achieve their growth objectives,” Raphael says.

Why Is Raphael So Excited About SimuQuest?

Raphael is excited to help the market find better ways to do their work, to help the consumer and to impact people’s lives through SimuQuest’s work. He’s also loving the opportunity to work with clients who are open to new ideas, who believe there’s something better out there and who aren’t afraid to go after it.

“SimuQuest is shifting the paradigm in the way people believe products should be developed today to a much more efficient process using model-based design as the approach. I am excited to be a part of this game-changing group of people,” said Raphael. “My goal is to establish a high-performing sales team that will drive predictable and sustainable growth and increase SimuQuest’s growth year-over-year.”

What’s Raphael Like Away from the Office?

Outside of work, Raphael spends his time CrossFitting, reading, and spending time with his wife and family. He often takes his three young daughters bowling (they’re crazy about it) and sledding.

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