SimuQuest April NL: SimuQuest Awarded”Best of the Best” at SAE World Congress 2014

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SimuQuest’s products support Advanced Model-Based Design, addressing challenges critical to efficient and reliable algorithm and software development for electronically controlled devices. This newsletter highlights our success at the SAE 2014 World Automotive Congress in Detroit, MI.

SimuQuest Awarded “Best of the Best” at SAE World Congress 2014

SimuQuest grabbed the attention of industry leaders at the SAE World Congress this year while demonstrating the significant impact their advanced embedded software development tools are having in the automotive industry. They were awarded “Best of the Best” for the 10’x20’ Booth category, sponsored and presented by Geoff Diamond, Product Planning, Hyundai and CK Park, Sr. Executive Vice President, Hyundai.

SimuQuest with the use of an autonomous vehicle demonstrated how the SimuQuest software tools, integrated with Simulink, can be used to support an approach to embedded software development that is centered around Model Based Design (MBD).

“SimuQuest’s customers are experiencing the fastest path from Idea Development to Production and realizing a new level of quality and automation of the management of control system data and architecture complexity that surpasses previous methods available,” states John Mills, CEO and President of SimuQuest.

SimuQuest used three of its product lines in the assembly of this demo.

Click here to view brief video on each product line.

SimuQuest used their vehicle plant model (which is part of Enginuity) to develop the controls virtually using Matlab/Simulink.  Simulation testing was performed using a physics-based plant model of the vehicle and track. An animation of the vehicle and track was also developed, to better enable visualization of the behavior of the controls prior to testing on the real track.

QuantiPhi was used to configure and generate the device drivers for the target microcontroller, as well as to integrate the run-time device driver calls into the Simulink model that contains the controls. The QuantiPhi product line supports a number of Renesas microcontrollers as well as other microcontrollers. QuantiPhi configures and generates a production quality software stack.

UniPhi was used to define and manage all the data (signals and parameters) used by the control model, and to assist in the integration of the various modeled components. Since the development efforts on the various model components were performed in parallel, UniPhi made sure the data definitions at the interfaces matched.

“The autonomous vehicle demonstration we’ve been using at our booth is based on the Micon car competition that Renesas microcontrollers hosts every year. The Micon car uses the Renesas RL78 microcontroller (a 16-bit part) provided by Renesas to the teams that compete in the Micon competition,” adds Senior Software Engineer Steve Fowler, SimuQuest.

The Micon car sized roughly 8″ x 16″, navigates around a track using only 8 optical sensors to determine its position. There are straightaways, curves, 90 degree turns, and jogs (lane changes) in the track, and these components can be arranged arbitrarily. The Renesas RL78 micro, which reads the 8 optical sensors and drives the wheel motors and steering servo to control the vehicle.

SimuQuest’s products allow engineers to focus on the work of developing the control strategies and application level design that ultimately are the core of embedded systems development. Rather than spending valuable time developing plant models, managing application data, and writing device drivers, SimuQuest’s customers are able to concentrate their efforts on the development of intellectual property.

Thank you to SAE and Hyundai for the recognition!