SimuQuest Sets The Stage For Growth

By John Muczynski

SimuQuest is proud to announce that we have expanded into a new and larger facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

SimuQuest, Inc. 

35 Research Dr, Suite 400

Ann Arbor MI 48103

The new space is designed for collaboration and allows more room for all of the things that have driven our success: top-notch talent, advanced test infrastructure, and hosting customers with Zingerman’s treats.

SimuQuest takes on new clients as they look to evolve their model-based design process with more intelligence and automation. Exciting new developments include Ford’s continued rollout of UniPhi for centralized software architecture and data management and Mahindra’s adoption of a model-based ‘ecosystem’ – a virtual design environment, augmenting Simulink with high fidelity plant models, modular controls, centralized management and autocode generation to a target-based rapid prototyping system, utilizing powerful Renesas RH850 micros.

Highlighting the continuing growth, John Mills, President of SimuQuest, says

“Getting innovative and complex software fast to market, and meeting functional safety requirements, poses a serious dilemma for automotive companies. SimuQuest’s products provide a groundbreaking solution for this major industry pain point, augmenting the powerful Mathworks tools with centralized management and real-time intelligence to prevent software bugs and enable rapid development.”woodland-trail-1-1393578

SimuQuest’s new office also offers easy access to nearby Nature Areas. So, feel free to stop by and go for
a walk with us. You never know what ideas may come from taking time to reflect.

Founded in 2001, SimuQuest is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based software development company that specializes in working with electronic hardware companies that produce electronic controls for such things as car engines or wind turbine generators. SimuQuest began as a software consulting company and over time, a portfolio of software tools grew out of the needs of our clients.

Next Steps:

  • See where we’re located on google maps.
  • Schedule a visit with us – we’d love to host you!
  • Take a look at our model based design eco-system.