Stress-Free Software Releases

Do you want to have a Stress-Free Software Release?

Is this even possible?

Our Webinar and Slide Deck presented the answer to this as YES !

In this context, stress free means to be free from interface errors. Everything will compile and link from the perspective of the interfaces. This means that the developer only has to worry about the algorithm, and hence the Innovation that will differentiate your product from your competitors.

Sidebar: SimuQuest’s tagline “Efficient Innovation” is based on this concept. The SimuQuest tools are designed to help manage and automate what otherwise are mundane and error prone tasks, thereby improving efficiencies. This can save significant amounts of time (75% in one example presented in the Webinar) which the developer can use for more Innovation.

Stress-Free Software Releases are achieved with 3 Keys:

  • Make Integration Testing Easy
  • Find Integration Errors throughout Development, not just at the end
  • Reduce Overhead

The enabler for these Stress-Free Software Releases is UniPhi.

With UniPhi you get:

  • Architecture Tool
  • Requirements Allocation Tool
  • Data Dictionary Tool
  • Integration Test Harness Creation Tool
  • Data Visualization Tool

On the business side, additional benefits include:

  • Leave work on time (personal benefit)
  • Happier and more productive employees (corporate benefit)
  • No overtime pay (corporate benefit)
  • Repeat customers (corporate benefit)
  • Improved company reputation (corporate benefit)

Its your choice:

Continue with your stress filled software releases

Or, try UniPhi !

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