Renesas FAE Portal – QuantiPhi

This page is only for use by Renesas FAEs.

This software is for eval purposes only — no commercial use.


QuantiPhi RE

Please read all items, as they contain important information about each release.

ZIP Password: For the current password, please call 1-734-585-7424 x780

Release Status: Under Development, Suitable for Engineering Evaluation

Important NoteThis release does not have complete support available for the LIN component.  This complete support will be available soon.


  • Unzip the CD image using the above password
  • Run the setup.exe
  • Install all of the components (you may skip the licensing dongle drivers)
  • A 30-day DEMO license will automatically be installed.

Download URL (do not share outside Renesas)/release/golden/

Question and Answer

Q: I noticed that the FAE license is only for a 30-day period, do I need to remove and re-install the QuantiPhi tool after license is expired?
A: At any time before, during, or after the expiration date you can go back to that web site and download a new version of QuantiPhi.  The old download package has the old expiration date, the new download package will have a new expiration date. You don’t need to uninstall; you can just install on top.
Q: How do I know when my license will expire?
A: The expiration date is shown at the bottom of the QuantiPhi window, where it says License and has the little picture of a piece of paper and a key.