Driver Software. Done.

Is your progress hampered by sifting through pages and pages of MCU Reference Manuals? Are you hounded by chip setup conflicts and driver consistency issues? Get back to doing what you do best: Innovate. Solve real problems. Let QuantiPhi worry about chip-related hardware and software issues and concentrate on competitive control algorithms when developing your embedded control application.

QuantiPhi is a powerful chip configuration and driver integration tool. The tool provides a full complement of configurable low-level drivers (ADC, CAN, PWM, SPI, Serial, DIO, Input Capture, and others). The tool will guide you through the intricacies of successfully configuring your chip and driver settings to meet your specific I/O and timing requirements.

  • Spend more time developing valuable IP
  • Reduce the number of software defects
  • Take advantage of model-based design and testing practices
  • Easily reconfigure and scale your application to meet new controller requirements
  • Increase the number of reusable features
  • Enjoy built-in support for automatic code generation tools (TargetLink, Embedded Coder)

In traditional and model-based environments, QuantiPhi provides all of the low-level software you need to interface with your target micro-controller. As project timelines compress and complexity rises, low-level driver software increasingly stands between companies and their goals of higher quality, faster time to market, and innovative products. Low-level driver software is usually on the critical path, cannot be fully completed until hardware is available, and can prevent a company from taking advantage of newer, faster, and cheaper micro-controllers. QuantiPhi breaks down these barriers in three ways:

By providing a full complement of low-level drivers

By providing a powerful utility to configure drivers to meet system requirements

By providing full access to those drivers from Simulink to support model-based development

Your Secret Weapon

SimuQuest has been working tirelessly with you in mind to create a tool that will make getting up and running with a new microcontroller something to boast about at parties instead of an invitation to overtime. We call it QuantiPhi.


Supported Microcontrollers

QuantiPhi supports the following microcontrollers:

 Renesas RH850  E1x
 Renesas RL78  F13, F14
 Renesas SH2A  SH72546
 NXP (Freescale) S12X  XEP, XS, XEG, XET, S12G


No-Fuss Hardware

SimuQuest offers out-of-the-box support for several rapid prototyping modules. These modules leverage the power of QuantiPhi and take it a step further. By adding knowledge of the module schematic to QuantiPhi, code-generation for these solutions is a breeze.

Check out our rapid prototyping solutions!

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