QuantiPhi Renesas Edition for RL78 F13/F14 RDK — Evaluation Download

How can I download an evaluation copy of QuantiPhi?

The free trial program for QuantiPhi RL78 has ended as of April 2016. Thank you for all those who participated.


What is QuantiPhi?

Is your progress hampered by sifting through pages and pages of MCU Reference Manuals? Are you hounded by chip setup conflicts and driver consistency issues? Get back to doing what you do best: Innovate. Solve real problems.  When developing your embedded control application, let QuantiPhi worry about chip-related hardware and software issues while you concentrate on competitive control algorithms.

QuantiPhi is a powerful chip configuration and driver integration tool. The tool provides a full complement of configurable low-level drivers (ADC, CAN, PWM, SPI, Serial, DIO, and others). The tool will guide you through the intricacies of successfully configuring your chip and driver settings to meet your specific I/O and timing requirements.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Spend more time developing valuable IP
  • Reduce the number of software defects
  • Take advantage of model based design and testing practices
  • Easily reconfigure and scale your application to meet new controller requirements
  • Increase the number of reusable features
  • Enjoy built-in support for automatic code generation tools (TargetLink, Embedded Coder)

Click here for the QuantiPhi product web page.

To learn more about QuantiPhi contact us at quantiphi@simuquest.com.