Model-Based Design & Software Engineering Services

Enabling rapid control system and software development

SimuQuest takes pride in the breadth and depth of its model-based design & software development knowledge and experience. Depending on your needs, one or more of the solutions below might be right for you. Every solution SimuQuest provides is tailored to meet the unique needs of particular customer requirements.

Process Consulting



Compliance with standards has often resulted in a laborious and time consuming process. Leverage SimuQuest’s more than 10 years experience in helping clients satisfy process standards when applying model-based development, enabling a highly efficient and higher quality process.

Process experience with:

  • CMMi
  • ISO 26262
Model-Based Application Development

SimuQuest is a Mathworks partner & systems integrator

The SimuQuest consulting services team is led and mentored by engineers that have been applying model-based design with Simulink and Stateflow since the late 90’s, developing application software for production applications based on customer requirements.

  • MAAB styleguide compliance
  • Functional and MCDC code coverage
  • Process compliance
  • Traceability to requirements and tests
  • Custom automated test harness

Whether it is a set of features or the design and implementation of a high level control strategy, SimuQuest has experienced engineers available to supplement your development team.

Model-Based Platform Solution Service

Model-Based Driver Integration

Often, embedded development efforts get bogged down in the creation of low-level device driver code and architecture design. SimuQuest has significant experience with the task of providing a ready to use development environment targeted at a specific platform. Because SimuQuest has expertise designing and developing the entire software stack – everything from low-level device drivers to memory management to communications protocols to bootloaders to high-level application functionality – we can design a platform that is easy to use, powerful, and perfectly suited for your application. With such a platform, you need only to focus on the application software development.

This approach has been successfully leveraged on a variety of embedded software applications across many industries, including automotive, clean energy, industrial, and defense. SimuQuest employs software development methodologies that lead to validated, verified, “correct by construction” deliverables.

SimuQuest can provide software development platforms as C code that seamlessly integrates with your existing codebase, or as a fully integrated model-based toolbox.