Adaptive Materials Inc.

“The SimuQuest software and platform support package easily reduced defects by more than 90% and enabled a single board design. We no longer have the drama that we used to have around debugging software for each product release.”


“With one touch, we generate code for our entire application. ”

“When starting with model-based design, the BorgWarner team focused on developing the core application control algorithms in the modeling environment. Lower-level software such as I/O drivers, the task scheduler, and communication logic was still hand-coded. As a result, integration of the application algorithms and lower-level software was also performed manually. To eliminate these manual steps, the BorgWarner team set out to develop complete models consisting of both application and lower-level software. The team accomplished this by building the lower-level logic into SimuQuest QuantiPhi blocks and connecting them to the application algorithms directly in the Simulink/TargetLink model. This allows the entire ECU application to be built in the modeling environment, further reducing iteration times for new revisions and improving quality.”

“One of the challenges of moving to a fully model-based process was the integration of low-level microcontroller drivers as well as providing an interface to the drivers within the model. For this purpose, BorgWarner has employed the use of QuantiPhi from SimuQuest. This product provides the ability to configure the microcontroller peripherals as necessary for the desired application and provides access to microcontroller functions such as watchdog maintenance, and I/O usage through a library of Simulink blocks.”

“SimuQuest’s QuantiPhi for TargetLink has eliminated the need to maintain a set of hand-coded files to support low-level hardware. This was integral to creating a Core architecture in which the model controls each aspect of the code generation process.”

MSD Ignition

Regarding UniPhi and Enginuity:
“We love the additional time we now have to work on the things that we never had time for. We can develop HW in parallel with developing and testing the control system in simulation.”

“The SimuQuest tools enabled us to complete an entire program with 1 developer in 18 months. Conservatively speaking, without these tools this would easily have taken 5 man-years of effort.”

Ford Motor Company

“We have spent a lot of money with other well known tool vendors for custom solutions and have been very disappointed, with resulting tool capabilities that barely satisfy what we asked for. SimuQuest’s new UniPhi tool has exceeded our requirements and expectations in terms of data management, ease of use and model architecture visualization.”

Pacific Insight

QuantiPhi is intuitive, easy to install and quick to start using.”

“SimuQuest has offered excellent, timely support with immediate feedback to my questions. Any problems I have encountered have been solved quickly, and they have made it obvious that they are willing to help with all aspects of my designs, from help with configuring the QuantiPhi tool to help with developing my models in Stateflow and Simulink. The QuantiPhi tool has also evolved since I started using it, and many of my suggestions to improve QuantiPhi have been implemented. This demonstrates to me that SimuQuest is here to serve the customer, and that they are willing to work closely with their customers to ensure that QuantiPhi will meet the needs for any design.”

“The Web meetings have been especially helpful where SimuQuest will connect with me through a Net meeting and show me how to implement certain aspects of model-based design and will help debug errors and issues I have had with my models.”

“I have been extremely pleased with their level of knowledge and expertise with the Mathworks tools. SimuQuest has helped me learn more about MBD, and has provided many suggestions to improve my skills and my model designs. SimuQuest has also helped me work through issues in the latest releases of the Mathworks tools, and are always available to work through any issue.”

“The R8C version of QuantiPhi has been easy to use, and SimuQuest has helped make my transition from hand-coding to model based design much easier. ”

American Axle Manufacturing

“AAM has developed a highly efficient model-based development process based on the Mathworks tools: Simulink, Stateflow and E-Coder combined with the UniPhi and QuantiPhi tools from SimuQuest. A much larger portion of the development is performed in the modeling world with real world testing serving mainly as a verification of simulation results. This has led to a dramatic 80% reduction in development effort and cost over past hand-coded programs. As a result, AAM is significantly faster to market with new products.”

Hyundai Motor Company

“We achieve progressively shorter development times through the parallel development of platform software and control algorithms using models together with code-generation. SimuQuest provides a one-stop solution to give us this synergy.”

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